Thursday, February 12, 2015

Behind the Scenes: NASCAR Media Day

Media Day is one of the coolest days in NASCAR to me. There are so many journalists, PR reps, and NASCAR employees packed into one room to hear what the best drivers in the sport have to say. You've seen all of the Media Day quotes from all of your favorite drivers (probably multiple times) but you've probably never had a real inside look at what Media Day is like.

Media Day takes place in the Daytona 500 Club building in the infield of Daytona International Speedway. There's many different moving parts to the day - drivers walking around the building to their different appointments and journalists moving from driver to driver.

Up to four drivers were available at one time to the print media at four different stations so it was nearly impossible to hear every single driver!

The drivers that drew the biggest crowds of the day (not surprisingly) were Danica Patrick, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, and Jeff Gordon.


But the action didn't stop when the drivers were done with their print interviews. They also rotated through a red carpet for interviews for the TV and radio outlets, the Fox Sports table that was live on TV, and ESPN.

Most things including the print media and the TV/radio media took place in the giant room on the first floor of the Daytona 500 Club. 

Upstairs, photographers and TV stations filmed and photographed the drivers for things like headshots, TV spots and commercial breakaways. 

And in the middle of all the action? The trophy all of the drivers will be after next week.