Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fast Cars and Fireworks

(Note: I had the opportunity to attend the Dash for Cash event in Daytona on Wednesday as a guest media of NASCAR.) 

July 5th fireworks?! There are sure to be plenty of fireworks this weekend at Daytona International Speedway-both on the track and off! The Nationwide Series is bringing back the name “Firecracker 250”, which was the name used for the July Grand National (now Sprint Cup) Series race from July 1959-1962. Not only is there a race for the win, but there is actually a four person race inside of the Firecracker 250. In the Nationwide Dash for Cash, the top 4 finishing Nationwide series drivers from the Kentucky race-Austin Dillon, Elliott Sadler, Brian Vickers, and Kyle Larson- will compete for $100,000, with the highest finisher winning the money.

Wednesday morning, Dillon, Sadler, and Vickers (Larson already had a commitment to his sprint car team) participated in a Nationwide event to kick off the first 2013 Dash for Cash. All three drivers painted their numbers on the infield grass, then shot off fireworks on the backstretch as part of the celebration.

The biggest question of the day was which driver painted his number the best?

“I feel like I did,” Brian Vickers answered, “Coloring was my thing in school, like staying in the lines.” While it drew a laugh from the other 2 drivers, they agreed. 

Vickers and Sadler joked that Dillon only had one digit (3) to paint while they had 2 digits, but Dillon still took the longest. Vickers said it was because Dillon was thinking about fireworks the whole time.

“I did two layers on mine, so you can see it when the TV camera goes across it, so it’s really bright,” Dillon defended.

All 3 drivers commented on the difficulties of Daytona, but each hope to leave Daytona with a extra $100,000. 

The drivers seemed to really enjoy their fireworks lesson and Dillon even joked about getting a fireworks license for himself. 

So if Sadler, Vickers, or Dillon can’t be found after the race to collect their money, be sure to check who is lighting the fuses for the fireworks!

Brian Vickers and Elliott Sadler painting their numbers

Austin Dillon setting off his round of fireworks

Austin Dillon painting his number in the grass